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Street Sant'Antonino 54r 

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Street Sant' Antonino 54r

50123 Florence





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The confectionery art in Florence, Tuscany, has distant origins dating back to the refined and delightful Etruscans who left us news of their desserts based on honey and fruit, including the "Stiacciata con l'uva" which still today adorns the autumn tables of the Tuscans. Over the centuries, the creativity of pastry artists in Tuscany has produced masterpieces such as rosemary loaves, gingerbreads, ricotta cakes with almonds, quince, and various types of biscuits like the cialdoni, the berlingozzi, the copate, the famous cantuccini and brutti e boni. And it was with

this illustrious tradition that at the beginning of '900 Vittorio Sieni decided to open a shop in Via S. Antonino in Florence.
Man of fine intellect and palate. , gave birth to sweets that are still part of the heritage of Italian pastry in the 1940s. In the 40s Vittorio passed the baton to his nephew Giorgio Sieni who carried on the tradition until 1985. After him they various managements followed but inside the old school pastry chefs laboratory continued to churn out delicacies. Only in 1995 with Andreina Mancini did the management come to Antica Pasticceria Sieni, recovering the original recipe book of the Sieni family. The desserts return to have the flavor of the past, the recipes are reproduced to the letter thanks to one of the pastry chefs who had worked with Giorgio Sieni. Andreina Mancini is the charismatic face that returns to Florence the place where the Florentine desserts par excellence originated: La Fedora, creation of the 1930s, the sweet Meringues, the famous Zuccotto created expressly for the Zocchi Restaurant in Pratolino, La Torta della Nonna which was followed by the Torta del Nonno, the Amor di Polenta and finally the imperial Torta dello Tsar.Today as yesterday, the production of Antica Pasticceria Sieni hinges on Vittorio's original recipe book, putting even more care in the choice of ingredients of the highest quality while maintaining firm the pastry tradition that distinguishes it with its specialties such as the Amor di Polenta with its black variant, the Zuccotto, the Millefoglie,

the Crunchy, the Panforte, Torrone, Brutti and Boni, typical sweets for festive occasions and, last but not least, the artistic chocolate shop of great value.


Antica Pasticceria Sieni: New Paths, Ancient Wisdom.